Are you someone who cares about others?  Perhaps you’re caring for a family member or a friend or a neighbor… perhaps you’re a caregiver in your work… perhaps you’re a volunteer serving in a role where care is being given to others.  If so, I hope that Clay Pot Conversations will be a resource for you… to find inspiration and encouragement… to ‘meet’ and share from your life experiences of the journey you’ve chosen to walk.

Why clay pots? For several reasons…

I’m drawn to the inner beauty of clay pots, I’m intrigued by the process of how clay pots are made, and I’m reminded both of the life lessons to be learned by that process of making a clay pot, and by the combination of frailty and strength found in a clay pot.

Clay pots are such a good representation of who we are – sometimes strong, resilient and useful… other times broken and worn. This resonates with me, and I hope with you as well… welcome to Clay Pot Conversations!


P.S. The first post, “The Value of a Flaw” was my inspiration…