My Guiding (?) GPS…

So, I call my GPS “Maxine”, you know – the comic strip queen of crabbiness?  Why I call her “Maxine” is because she frequently gets annoyed at me when we’re traveling and perhaps gives me a bit of attitude. 

For example, I type in the address and turn on go for directions, even though I know that for part of the trip, I’m going to go a different way that I think is shorter or more interesting… guessing you have as well.  Or, I’ll be traveling along and realize I need to stop at a store or get gas for my car (whose name, by the way, is Snowflake!).  Or I’ll be listening to a CD (yes I still have them) while I’m driving and I’ll miss a turn.  So… in all these examples, “Maxine”  gets really crabby… she tries to get me to make a u-turn by going around the block… ever happen to you?  Or my favorite, when I take a different route, she makes a noise (sounds a little like hmmph…!) and she changes her directions to match my mood, ever so unwillingly I’m guessing, because she’s sure that the way she had planned is by far better than my chosen route.  Okay, so if that’s not you and you’re always obedient to your GPS, my sympathies to you… think of the fun you’re missing!

I’m going to pause here and toss in a little humor… when I ask “Maxine” for directions, she also tells me exactly how long it’s going to take me to get to my destination.  So, the humor side of me goes a little faster than I should, just to see what happens.  Will Maxine miss a turn because I went too fast?  Never!!  Somehow, she knows – how does that happen?!

Well, I’ve come to realize that this is exactly the way my life is.  And it’s the way the all our lives are.  Because none of us are going to escape those unexpected changes in life, we’re all going to realize that we’re all going to have to change our life pattern from time to time – sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for problems that come our way.  And although we may have a “Maxine” or compass to guide us, our life journey, inevitably or deliberately, will take a different path.  Note… you may begin to see a theme in my life at the moment, this post is clearly similar in thought to my lastG!

So if you’re in a time of unexpected change, listen to the “Maxine” in your life, and follow the directions.  But don’t be afraid occasionally, if you’d like to take a different route, to just “do it” – it’s likely that “Maxine” will catch up with you quickly and you’ll both be on the same path together again.  I, for the most part, am glad to have a “Maxine”… how about you?

In closing, think a moment about this quote from the cartoon character herself which I find mildly humorous, but with which I strongly disagree… “They say you learn the most from your most difficult experiences – what a stupid system.” I’ve learned so very, very much from the more difficult times in my life… what about you?

The ancient philosopher Socrates wrote, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  Take care… my wish for you is that you enjoy the stability in your life journeys and find peace even in the times that are difficult…

P.S. “Maxine” is a trademark of Hallmark . And GPS, in case you’re wondering, stands for Global Positioning System!

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