It’s Just A Glass of Water… Right?

It’s just a glass of water, right? You turn on the faucet, you fill the glass and all’s well…

And, in fact, you have many (!) choices… take a look next time you’re at the grocery store… you can buy bottled water, little bottles and big jugs… you can have water delivered to your home… you can buy flavored water… you can buy sparkling water… you can buy energy water… and on and on! Today I encourage you – the next time you turn on your kitchen faucet – to think of the thousands and thousands of people in many parts of the world who get up every morning and walk miles to fill jugs with water for the day’s use – and that water is used for drinking, cooking, and bathing. We are blessed, indeed – yes?

It’s just a blanket, right? You crawl in bed on these chilly nights, and you snuggle under its warmth. Maybe it’s not a more expensive down comforter, but it’s a blanket and it keeps you warm. You may even have another one or more in your living room to wrap in while you’re watching television or reading. Today I encourage you – the next time you pull a blanket over you – to think of the hundreds and hundreds of people in this country, even in your town – who don’t have a blanket, or even a home… they may be sleeping on a bench, or under a bridge… huddling to keep warm. We are blessed – yes?

Early in our marriage, my husband had returned to college and we moved to Massachusetts with two young children. My husband was working while also attending classes, and I was a ‘stay-at-home’ mom of two young children. And then he hurt his back and was unable to work. To say that we were ‘needy’ was an understatement. I remember, with painful clarity, a time when we ate pancakes and eggs for several days, as that was all our meager pantry had to offer us – and then the eggs ran out, so we were limited to pancakes. I knew that our parents were coming to visit that weekend, so I expected that they would be bringing some things to help restock our cupboards. What I didn’t know was that a church had held a ‘food shower’ for us, so they arrived that weekend with food in abundance – their car full of all kinds of sustenance! We were blessed, indeed – yes? Would this have been a time when I could have said… ugh, we don’t like this kind of jelly, or this kind of soup, or this kind of cereal? Of course, not! We accepted the gift with gratitude… (although I did rebel just momentarily at the packages of venison…!)

All this to say… we live in a land of plenty… we have much for which to be grateful. So many people across the world, and in our neighborhoods have so much less.  So, I’m going to more purposefully be thankful. Thankful for water. Thankful for blankets. Thankful for a well-stocked refrigerator. Thankful for a warm home. Thankful for loving family. Thankful for freedom. Thankful for the beauty of nature around me. Thank you for good friends. My list can go on and on… how about yours?

4 thoughts on “It’s Just A Glass of Water… Right?

  1. I’m so thankful for people like you who live lives dedicated to compassion and share thoughts like this. Thank you! My husband and I are always pointing out how lucky we are – to be able to set out and explore our new lifestyle, to live among the wonders of Nature, and to be able to eat yummy, healthy meals, and have the time to create.


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