For most of my professional life, I’ve been involved in various leadership roles within non-profit organizations.  I have seen myself to be very ‘human’, and I have gained much by seeing humanity at both its strongest and its weakest.

I’ve especially valued the role of the volunteer who gives of their own time and caring spirit to help others.  For the last twelve years, I’ve been privileged to lead hospice volunteers, and so I share a special tribute to these who help others walk the difficult journey at end of life.

And I’ve come to appreciate in very special ways the person who is caring for someone in need… and the encouragement they need to continue on in their journey.

Clay Pot Conversations is to bring us all together, to learn and grown from each other.

The photos on my posts are courtesy of Pixabay, an awesome website that provides access to wonderful – and free! – pictures…  

Best wishes from south central Pennsylvania… Leanne Porterfield, CVA